Day 3: Going Home

I was a bit apprehensive of how I’d sleep generally following the surgery as I wasn’t sure I’d cope with pretty much being in the same position all night. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad and although I woke up a few times I managed to get a reasonable nights sleep and it has pretty much been the same since.

Today was the day that I really needed to push on and get home. The physios came round about 11 and again I tackled the corridor and the stairs. It was better this time but far from easy and I was still in a lot of pain. Despite this the physios were confident enough in my ability to get around the house so said they were happy for me to go home. I was happy about that although a little disappointed as I was getting used to having people come to attend my every need at the click of a button…

After the physios had gone I attempted my first solo toilet trip (no more bed pans). It definitely makes you feel old when you have to ask someone to come and watch over you while you go to the toilet incase you hurt yourself… Never the less I made it to the toilet and back successfully although there was a lot of groaning and it took a long time – just something I was going to have to get used to.

The nurses then came round about lunch time and signed off all my forms and I was ready to go, just the small step of getting down the stairs and into the car! This was a bit of a struggle to be honest and was literally a sequence of baby steps getting from the ward to the lift and having rests along the way. I finally shuffled my way to the car and then was finally on my way home. I’m not sure if my wife was happy for me to be back as it then meant she had one more person to look after!


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