Day 7: Still painful

It was now a week after the surgery and although the pain was fine when I was sitting down it was still pretty unbearable when I was up and down on crutches. Consequently most of my time was spent in bed as this made the trip to the toilet as short as possible. Although my hamstring was not too painful anymore the bottom part of my leg around my calf at both the front and the back was starting to give me a lot of pain. When in the hospital l was told to wear the brace all the time and to keep it as tight as possible. I’d adhered to this but consequently this was trapping a lot of the swelling between the straps of the brace and this was then becoming the source of the pain. I have now started loosening the brace at night and hopefully this will allow the swelling to go down.

Due to the pain from the swelling it is still very painful going up the stairs and consequently I’ve only been tackling the stairs once a day. I had a bit of a stumble today too and managed to protect my good leg but got a shooting pain up my other leg, where I had the hamstring graft taken, as a struggled for balance.  This was similar to cramp but even more acute all the way up the hamstring. Thankfully it didn’t last and once sitting down it was back to normal but still gave me a bit of a fright.


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