Day 9: 1st Physio

This was the day of my first physio session and consequently the first time I’d left the house following the surgery. The furthest I’d got previously was two trips to the garden for about an hour combined. The journey to the car was infinitely better than when I returned home from the hospital so that was a small mental battle that I’d won with myself as it showed I was making progress.

I then arrived at the hospital and the physio wasted no time racing away to his room which prompted me to race after him (faster than I’d ever gone previously on crutches) as I had no idea where he was going and that competitive switch was flicked! The physio session was really helpful and we went through the exercises I had initially been given in the hospital and he gave me a few tips. He said that the first six weeks while the brace is on is all about rest and recovery and there is not much else to do. He said I could start to do calf and hamstring stretch exercises but no more strenuous exercises . One thing he did say was that it was worthwhile continuing to do exercises on my good leg including getting some ankle weights to do some quad curls. The idea being that doing exercises with the good knee will generate neural fluid that will be delivered to the bad leg and reduce the rate of muscle wastage. It is obviously not going to stop the muscle wastage completely but every little counts. The main thing that the physio told me was that my knee bend has to be 90 degrees at 6 weeks; if I can get there I can then be weened off the brace as quickly as possible and if not then I’ll be playing catch up. I’m 70 degrees at the moment so just have to take it slow and steady over the next 5 weeks.


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