Day 13 post op.The story so far.

I had my surgery on the 2nd April 2017.

13 days after the op I have improved significantly but it is still quite painful when my leg isn’t elevated. My leg is still significantly swollen.


I injured my knee playing basketball 6 months ago and it was wrongly diagnosed as a soft muscle injury when I had ruptured my Anteriar Cruciate Ligament (ACL). After three months I then returned to playing basketball and tore my Medial Ligament and meniscus.  The surgery I had was to fix the above and took 5 hours in total but thankfully went well!

Today is the first day I’m going to leave the house following the surgery so fingers crossed I’ll be ok!


I managed to leave the house, all be it a trip to the inlaws. All in all a success. I managed to get in and out of the car. The main issue was the uneven nature of the roads which put quite a lot of stress on my knee but I generally held the brace and absorbed the movement which made it manageable. I won’t mention the fact we nearly crashed at a roundabout, I’m sure it wasn’t my wife’s fault….



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