The surgery

I must admit I was very apprehensive about the surgery itself as I’m quite a queasy person and once I found out it was going to involve open surgery and not key hole I was even more worried.

To put people’s minds at ease I would say that ultimately the surgery is not as bad as you may think. I couldn’t eat after midnight the night before and couldn’t drink 3 hours before but that wasn’t too bad.

I had to arrive 30 mins before the op and after routine checks like blood pressure I was taken down to the anaesthetist. My operation was done under general anaesthetic admitted through my hand. The process was really quick and I was asleep only a few minutes after entering the anaesthetic room.

The next thing I knew the op was done and I was coming round after 5 hours. The brace and dressing had all been applied while I was still asleep so everything was in place. The anaesthetist had done a great job in my instance managing my pain through the surgery and when I woke I didn’t feel too bad except being slightly nauseous.

All in all I’d say that if you are apprehensive about the surgery you don’t have too much to fear – ultimately you have to trust the surgeons know what they are doing and will sort you out!


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