Day 15 Reality kicks in

In my head I always thought if I can get to 2 weeks with minimal pain when I’m up and about on crutches then that would be a good place to be. 

I’m now at that place but reality is now kicking in. I’ve still got another 4 weeks non weight bearing and then 6 more weeks on crutches. Yesterday was the first day I started to go a bit stir crazy about being in the house all the time and not being able to get out and about. I like watching sky sports and box sets as much as the next man but when it is on tap it starts to lose its appeal somewhat. Although I’ve managed to get out of the house a few times, the reality is that getting about on crutches is a real faff and even going to the shops for a change of scenery is a bit of a non event as you can’t physically pick anything up which is quite fundamental to the whole shopping experience. Boozing is also off the cards due to the drugs and the chance of stacking it. 

It really is a long road back and I just have to stop being a moaning bitch and feeling sorry for myself and in tough times draw strength from quotes by people like Hannah Tointon,

‘I did feel pressure to look a certain way on Holyoaks. But I just had to stay strong and not let myself get into a state of mind that wasn’t healthy’

Or just look at pictures of her…..


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