The facts

One of my main problems ahead of the surgery was finding out specific details about certain aspects of the surgery and the recovery. Therefore I’ve put this page together to document the facts about what I had done. In pulling this together it reminded me of one of my favourite football clips..

How long can I not weight bear?

6 weeks

How long will I be on crutches?

12 weeks 

How long was the surgery?

5 hours

How long was I in hospital?

2 nights

How were the wounds sealed?


How long before the staples are removed?

15 days

How is sleeping?

Not too bad – I sleep on my back but it is comfortable

Do you wear the brace all the time?

Yes for the first 6 weeks and then only when moving for the next 6 weeks. 

How often does the dressing need to be changed?

I have to change mine myself. I’ve only done it once in two weeks as I was told that if it doesn’t go gooey and come through the dressing then it should be fine. 

How is showering?

The dressings are waterproof so showering is fine. It just takes a long time and you have to sit down to do it. 


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