Day 17: Staples out

This is the day I’ve been dreading as much as any other! It was time to head back to the hospital and get my staples out. I have to admit I’m not a fan of any kind of blood or gore and am the first to hide behind the sofa if anything comes on the TV.

Thankfully it was an 8.30 appointment so there was not much time to think about how bad is was going to be.  On entering the ward and getting up onto the bench I sounded out the nurse as to how much it was going to hurt.  She reassured me that each one being removed would be like a tiny pin prick and that only the ones that had gone a bit red would hurt.  It wasn’t just the removal of the staples that was freaking me out it was seeing the wound again in its full glory…. End of the day they weren’t going to remove themselves though and so she got stuck in and removed the dressings first.

She removed the first staple from where I had a graft and that wasn’t too bad.  I then just closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as she worked her way to the other graft site and then onto the main ‘event’.  After about 5 staples she did have to tell me to breath as not only was I gritting my teeth I was holding my breath and she advised that doing this any longer would lead to a lot more complications than just pain from the staples….  About 5 mins after she started they were all out – about 30 in total. Here it is after all the staples were removed:

Once she had finished I started to feel sick and I started to go a funny colour.  This was just me being wimp more than anything and the nurse told me to lie back and let some blood flow to my head while she opened the window to let in some fresh air.  She then took great pleasure in ringing upstairs and asking over the phone in a loud voice,

‘Can you get bring me down some water proof dressings, I’ve got a fainter and I don’t want to leave him’

I’ve been called a lot in my time but being called a fainter by a 50 year old women made me feel like a right pussy and I soon perked up.

Thankfully I still have to keep the wound covered up for about another week to keep it dry and then I’ll be able to get away with a tubigrip just to avoid my brace rubbing on the scar.

All in all it wasn’t as bad as I expected and I think I’d built it up to be more in my head.  Ultimately it is another thing ticked off the list and hopefully the chances of infection are now reduced as everything is starting to heal.


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