Day 24: Face like a knee

24 days after the operation and my knee is finally starting to look like a knee again or more like that guy from Mcfly’s face (google tells me his name is Tom Fletcher). Never has a man had a face that looked more like a knee!


In other news I’ve had it confirmed that one of the mums from nursery definitely hates me. She has always looked at me like a second class citizen every time I’ve dropped my son off in the morning. I managed to get out of the house at the weekend and went to a 4th birthday party which said mum also attended. I was pretty proud of myself as this was the first time I’d managed to get out of the house (apart from hospital visits) until I overheard her say loudly to the person next to her:

“oh my god, those crutches are such a death trap”.

What a cow, at a 4th birthday party there are a lot more dangerous things than my crutches tucked under a chair; she should take a look at her herself and if she cracked a smile once in a while she might be a bit happier – all she did was moan the whole time about not wanting to be there (unfortunately what I wanted to write here has been toned down as my wife said it was a bit harsh – it was funnier though).


One Reply to “Day 24: Face like a knee”

  1. Hiya mate! Good to see you the other day. She sounds quite an upset lady! can you imagine how painful it must be to be inside that head constantly viewing everything under a dark cloud? Im sure its not pleasant. Sick people are sick people. Hope your recovery is going well.


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