Day 27: Naked Knee – Dressings off

Im not going to lie I am very queesy when it comes to blood guts and anything of that ilk. For the birth of both our kids I stayed well away from the business end, even when the anaesthetist questioned my masculinity during the birth of our first child as I “hid” behind a screen during the C-section (FYI – clinical fact, knee surgery is more painful than pregnancy. The scar is big enough to pull a baby through and it took longer!). 

Therefore removing the dressings from my “wound” was not at the top of my to-do list as it meant it would be winking at me every time I lookeed down. Nevertheless I knew it was something I had to do as opening it up to the elements was the quickest way it was going to heal and eliminate the chance of infection as it scarred. Day 27 I’ve gone for it (4 days after the nurse said I should take it off) and as you can see it is not looking too bad – a lot less like Frankensteins head now!

Now the dressing is off it is strangely liberating as this was one of my last reservations associated directly with the surgery and now I feel that it is almost a chapter closed on this part of the recovery and now I can look forward to getting stuck into the rehab. 👊


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