Day 14: Grab a granny

First trip out into Stockton Heath today post surgery. A massive brace, swelling, crutches and bruising definetly draws attention and I was hoping it would be the yummy mummy variety but unfortunately it was more like grab a granny. Lots of old deers coming up to me and asking what I’d done and telling me stories about surgery they’d  had on feet and shoulders and details about  various infections they’d got – nice….

I then made a trip to the off-license but hadn’t thought about the practicalities of crutches and buying beers. It is definitely an activity that requires two free hands and two good legs – something I don’t have. Thankfully the lady in the shop was very helpful (avec story about her shoulder) and I managed to pick up what I needed. I’ve found that alcohol and drugs don’t really mix so have only managed about two beers max at the moment before I start to feel a bit light headed – motivation to start to ween myself off the drugs!

On a positive note I had my first unaided shower today which was a big plus and is the a big step towards being able to look after myself again. As with everything it seems to be getting easier every day so I’m moving in the right direction. 


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